Friday, April 13, 2012

A journey into the past by bus

I have always loved Museums,and especially the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Having been there years ago I couldn't wait to return and get lost in the beauty of times past. Yesterday, I took a two hour bus trip  and climbed the steps into the culture and wisdom as far back as B.C.

One not need be an art connoisseur to appreciate this museum or the awesome talent of great artists. There is an overwhelming  feeling of amazement and a realization of the impact made by those artists who left so much for future generations.  Artists, who were able to create by carving in stone or painting on fine canvas. Those who only knew they were driven by their own passion as an artist. Those that were so gifted as to carve, pour or to paint themselves into perpetuity, most never knowing their true talent.  A gift to us the generations that followed them.

Beside appreciating my day spent with strangers from the past. I think what I got most from my visit was recognizing how much we can all learn from those that now silently speak to us. Removed by a heartbeat the profound , the subtle , the beauty and the pain from the past fills these great halls.
Leaving to each of us to take with us what we intrinsically value.

Ruth Olivia 2012


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Museums and art can be so beautiful, Olivia. You have a quiet way of writing that is inspiring. I enjoy reading your reflections and appreciate your insight into our surroundings including museums. ":)

Jeff said...

I remember many, many visits, and how I always left changed for the btter somehow. It takes an accomplished "tour guide" to truly get the full value, someone to extrapolate, the time, the place, the history, etc. you and Dad always did a good job of making us think. Thank you