Monday, April 15, 2013

Sometimes its this and sometimes its that

Hello my dear followers, I'm back after going nowhere, well not really, since I last posted  my life has been in full motion. My blog took last place in the long list of things going on in my life.  All of them good I might add ,even though my muse left town for awhile.
Poetry has often come easy to me, so I have opened this door to creativity.

I will sputter and spurt bursts of random thoughts and splash it across my pages here. I hope that you will be touched by my words, or even inspired to write and add your own color to your world and mine.

Thank you for stopping by,

Sometimes it's this and sometimes its that,
Like it's too cold or too hot
We have too little or too much
Or we're too thin or too fat.

Sometimes it's this and sometimes it's that,
We use every excuse under the sun.
Always avoiding what needs to be done,
The couch potato in us feels like more fun

Sometimes it's this and sometimes it's that,
Warming when the ray of sunshine comes our way.
With long walks and footsteps waiting in the sand,
Yet we know that the tides will soon wash them away

Sometimes it's this and sometimes it's that,
Troubled souls exhausted, yet, with feet firmly planted others are born
Without our will, today will be the yesterday that we all fretted about.
While our tomorrows will always bless us with every promised new dawn.