Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sometimes it's the little things

Today I decided to paint a little bit of trim around my front door. I am now guessing it will need two coats of paint. I was quite proud of myself remembering to remove my flip flops so I wouldn't fall off the ladder, when I accidently painted over a spider that walked into my white path...I felt kinda bad as I watched his small legs trying to escape and decided that painting over him quickly, was all that I could do for him. Its funny when you reflect and realize that even little projects turn out to be bigger then you thought. And grateful that God sometimes forgives you for the bigger things, like painting over a spider.


mandy said...

Such a lovely post, Olivia. It reflects your simplicity of heart.

Alexandra Heep said...

I don't like bugs, but I killing them I like even less. I leave them alone generally, unless they are in my house. Spiders I try to relocate outside the door, but pests I kill - with a quick sorry. How pathetic am I!

Glory Lennon said...

The poor little spider! No worries, Olivia, there are far more spiders in the world than people...or so I've been told and frankly, I believe it!