Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sometimes we're just lucky

Daniel a stray beagle mix shouldn't be with us today,but he survived his appointment with death. In Alabama, after walking out of a gas chamber unscathed he now has a second chance to do what dogs do. A non profit -Eleventh Hour Rescue  group arranged to have the dog flown to N.J. And if  they're really lucky a family will find him waiting for them. This dog "has got to have some destiny" so said a rescue volunteer.

Sometimes computer failures can be blessings in disguise. As it was for this beagle when a carbon monoxide chamber failed to euthanize him.
Can you imagine Daniel walking out of the chamber wagging his tail and picking up his leg as if to say ....?

I pray that Daniel will meet a child, hold their eyes and fall in love. Daniel will finally have a home, fill a child's heart and run and play in a yard. While taking deep breaths of God's purest air. The child can only be blessed with the love of him and form a lasting bond until he has fulfilled his calling.

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ladydragonfly said...

Olivia, I really like your blog and also your writing on helium. I have given you an award, so please pick it up here. Thank you.