Friday, April 20, 2012

Are we waiting to implode ?

It doesn't take wise men or Solomon to see how we as a nation are coming undone.  As with many "things" we are now a society that is being considered obsolete by those that are creating a new vision and a global world.  Those of us who placed value on our past history and our constitution now see it being rewritten by an evolving culture, one that is influenced by the media,  the money and bitter politics.

It is easy to see the outside forces that believe they have the "goodwill of man" in mind. Global efforts and shifting powers are in play.  As if a game of chess, a plan is always in play. The future is patiently waiting  for a new vision to unfold.

Quiet acquiescence suits some who know where the power lies. Yet our heavy hearts had hoped for a better world for our children. We worked hard and quietly took care of the needy in our neighborhoods.  Every man's accomplishment was cheered on and rewarded with pride and the respect one had earned. We encouraged on going education and planted christian values in our children. We got caught up in the ecumenical movement and respected all faiths and the men who built values for all of us to measure up to. We are aware of our own flaws and do not give up, we will fight for what we cherish.

Yet now, as if unrest is the norm we are being leaned on from the "outside"  toxic irritants at play. In spite of our great steps forward in closing racial and cultural divide, timely divisive pollutants now fill our air. As if a puppet master rules over our powers to be and footman stand by and  stir up the long buried pain of our growth as a civilized country.

We are being stacked against each other now and losing our personal space. How long will it take to implode ? Some in our great nation will continue to fight the uncivil, and the depreciating culture of those trying to destroy values of a proud society.  Growth and positive change can come without "throwing away the baby with the bath water."

We are stronger when we respect each others values and richer when we share them.

We can only hope for divine intervention for the simple man in tears.


Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Well and gently said, Olivia! Our traditional civilization has been hijacked by big money, powerful political interests that see no value in allowing ordinary people their traditional culture, values and space. We need to re-think our 'rather foolish' complete trust in those for whom we 'vote in faith' only to be ignored, traditional values taken away, including the losing of our personal space and privacy. Again, Olivia..well said.

Jeff said...

Very well put - so well in fact - that I find myself feeling like a hostage passenger on a run away train.