Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Have you seen my Muse ?

Hello my dear followers

I'm on a mission to find my long lost muse. I miss him and his company at my side. Especially his silent manner that left my mind free to fill empty pages with stories and musings of the moment. He didn't leave in a ranting rage, he just quietly slipped out the door when a man, someone special, came into my life
In spite of my full life, I long for the time for free thought and space for creativity. I miss my unassuming muse, when I search among the archives of my mind, Where I find the loose and meaningless mantra of my thoughts and fine tune them until I make sense of them and turn them into a story.

If you see him please send him back to me. You will recognize him because of his red curly hair. Although it could have a spattering of gray. Until he returns my "creativity " is packed inside with all of life's other clutter. Tell him I am sorry that I let him down and that I have fluffed up his pillow on his chair and set it in the sunlight. A seat he always loved.
Thank you, Olivia

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