Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jonathan Livingston Seagull came for a visit today

While walking my small Yorkie today we couldn't help but be distracted by the sudden influx of seagulls,each squawking as if they were having a meeting of the minds as they lined up on the rooftops on this inland town in New Jersey.

This isn't the first time they made a visit and the feeling of the damp air and westerly winds made it likely that our shores were stormy.
However, always amused by human nature and our wildlife I started to wonder more about Jonathan Livingston Seagull.{Thank you Richard Bach} There he was along with all the rest of the flock, frustrated with meaningless materialism,ritualistic conformity,and bored with his life as a seagull. He again with some of his friends searched for new challenges.

Jonathan knew there were better things in life,higher callings waiting somewhere. Even if half the flock stayed behind and some talked of casting him out,he searched on for the freedom he wanted. Many times against the high tide that ravaged the shores.In time Jonathan, while being true to himself,flew higher and higher with seagulls he knew to be wiser then himself. Soon Jonathan knew that he must return to his flock. There was much that bonded them to each other,regardless of their differences.

While in flight Jonathan felt his spirits fly higher then they had ever flown before. It was then when he looked down on the rooftops, and he saw the scattered flock that he knew flying higher was a gift,and of equal importance was love,deserved respect and forgiveness along with the freedom from pressure to obey rules just because.
For as a seagull,and as a man,we can fly no higher.

Now, what I want to know as I look up at the rooftops,have these Sea Gulls left yet or have they just returned from their highest flight ?

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