Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Uncertainty and the power of good people

Today I had the opportunity to walk the walk, to practice what I preach, and to take a stand. I'm proud of myself and all the others who sent over 14,451 supportive emails in about two hours, to a prime minister who will enter "the loins den" and speak on behalf of peace between two countries. 

Regardless of where you stand politically, even a self educated man can see the bigger picture ,and will walk alone or follow the lead of the man on the white horse. The one without the sword,and sometimes the more humble of men. Certainly, now armed with the support of many in the USA, the prime minister will feel empowered and more confident in his country's future.

I have reached a time in my life when speaking up comes easier then the days when being politically correct was the way to go. Trying to please the least pleasing of people soon failed in my eyes. As well as the eyes of others who thought that keeping peace meant not making waves, and then held on for dear life, when the waves came anyway. Follow your hearts,trust in your soul and have faith in your God, no matter how others paint the paths they think you should travel.  This is the time to lay claim to what belongs to the just and the peace keepers among us. There is power in prayer and in good people,if they choose to use it.

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