Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I should have told you yesterday...Memorial Day

With memorial day weekend approaching take the time to tell your family and friends how special they are to you and that you love them. Do not live out your life as if there will always be tomorrows for some this may not be. Feed your family nourishment for both their body and soul. Share pictures and good memories make them part of today.

Whether it be picnics or parades that help you celebrate this holiday remember those who are far from home. Those who spend most of their lives defending our country in far away places.
The beaches that our service men find themselves on in foreign countries are always hot, cruel and barren. No picnics or parades. Their wives, lovers or frolicking children are always on their minds. It is those memories from home that help to keep them strong. They think of  their last encounters with loved ones as they lean on crumbled walls holding on to only weapons, they can only pray that they will return home again. As most of us will do, especially on this Memorial Day 2012

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ladydragonfly said...

Olivia, this is a fantastic post. The song is just beautiful. Memorial Day has always meant so much to me. My husband, son and father-in-law were all members of the military. We owe our lives and our freedom to all of them. Thanks for this post. :)