Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Holding on and letting go..How do we decide ?

 The fourth of July is here again. But something feels different this year. Gone are the spontaneous celebrations of another summer beginning, another parade and  cook outs that filled our bodies and souls with good food and friends.  Suddenly when we least expect it, life as we knew it has taken a new course.

It seems that we spend most of our time censoring our behavior. Taking on instead political correctness, a behavior that now stunts our enthusiasm, dilutes our spontaneity and for many leaves  us feeling a great void in our hearts.

 As we stumble a while trying to regroup and regain some sibilance of control, we try to separate those heart felt beliefs that we have,  from those that are just part of our present day. There are changes going on in our society over which we have no control, changes that we will most likely have to acquiesce .

We are standing in the middle of a crossroad. Neither here or there, but somewhere in between our present and our future, not unlike everyday is but with a bolder and radical drift away from the solid foundation we have built on in the past. 

"It's a small world after all " rings painfully true and not just a childhood memory from the worlds Fair. Will we ever become stronger because we share our strengths or will we succumb to the greed and jealousy of our human nature ?  We are all here on earth for a very short time and we are merely guests on this blessed land. Outsiders will twist our pictures to fit their albums and we can only pray that we will be recognizable.

It is up to each individual to decide for themselves what values they will hold on to, and what they are willing to let go of in our ever evolving society.  History takes its own journey and ready or not we can travel with it with hopes to see a new light where there was once darkness. Or we can choose to add our own light with our own candles and maybe even light a candle for someone else.

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