Thursday, May 3, 2012

People power and purpose with an update

A 76 year old terminally ill former Marine of the Vietnam war, and a father who had hoped to fly to see his daughter who was undergoing surgery,was himself deeply cut. His physician had advised him not to fly at this time because he was ill with esophageal cancer. However, another sad cruel blow was by the airline that refused to reimburse him for the cancellation of his flight.

This Airline failed to take flight and meet the public's expectations of what is considered fairness in the public's eye. They missed a perfect opportunity to win over the public during these hard times and possible would have been rewarded by the flying public.

The social media of today has now harnessed a powerful position in our lives. The power of the people. Although it's not without risk, it can influence users to support those who have been mistreated, ignored, abandoned or who are in need, such as FB's  most recent undertaking listing organ donors.The silent majority is no longer silent and can change many things by saying out loud "listen up."

The airline that flew off and left a retired sick Marine standing alone without a refund, will likely be flying with empty seats as the public expresses their outrage. Sometimes action speaks louder then words.

There is no stronger link of people and purpose then standing hand in hand in our pursuit of good over evil.

As of May 5,2012. The Airlines has reconsidered and will do the right thing.


M. J. Joachim said...

Well stated, Olivia. Very well stated. Thank you!

Glory Lennon said...

Indeed, Olivia, quite right.