Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams, you made us laugh until we cried. RIP

Was his life so full of sadness

and his heartache hidden well

Was his humor but the armor

that hid a life of living hell

Did his salty tears fall down

upon the clown face that he wore

was his body wracked with pain

of an illness we never saw

When his laughter died away

was there not a soul sitting by his side

to hold the hands of someone

who could make us laugh until we cried

Was the outside smile upon his face

really coming from within

or just the painted picture

hiding sadness, or unforgiven sin

Our sympathy to all his family and friends

we feel somehow we all have lost

the pleasure of his company

our funny man, who gave us so much

Olivia Bredbenner 8/11/2014

1 comment:

Elie Hutcheson said...

beautiful poem. I always liked Robin Williams and was sad to hear he died even though I never knew him in person.