Thursday, October 2, 2014

If a praying mantis has crawled into your space

The day didn't turn out the way I expected but ever so grateful anyway.

I knew the day would come when I would have a health challenge as many others have . Well it did. However, I will fast forward to my fortunate outcome, or I will be going off subject, and will never get to tell you about my Praying mantis.

My sons always fill my life  just by their presence. They are my roots to the most meaningful days of my life. So like their Dad was, they are so very special.  Nurses witnessing their strong presence at my bedside, couldn't help but comment in many complimentary ways. I felt their radiating love and at peace.

For awhile, I was in role reversal for a change, being cared for, instead of  "caring for" which allowed me the unique ability to understand the clinical environment, much like  the nurse I am or maybe more like an angel looking down from above.  I filled my soul with my private Lord's Prayer and said it to myself over and over again, never sure that I actually completed it.

Well, all good things did came together and I returned home in a week. My ailing heart battered and bruised but full of the healing love of family and friends.

Seeing the largest Praying Mantis that I ever saw at my door entry, my sister told me it had been there since my arrival home. Always amused by this insect, I decided it was a good omen, and researched a bit. I  found lots of negative things written about this insect. However, I also came across the "spiritual" side. So, because the writer in me preferred to focus on the positive. I again decided this was a good omen.

" If a Praying mantis has crawled into your space :"

 "Usually a Praying mantis makes an appearance when we have flooded our lives with so much business, activity or chaos that we can no longer hear the small voice within us. Taking a step back and some simple meditation would be in order here because the external din we created needs to be quieted so we can come back to our own truth. The Praying mantis always comes to us when we need peace, quiet and calm in our lives."

" Allow stillness to feed your creativity, only in the quiet moments will your ideas gel and take root."
"The Praying mantis"

Oh dear, now the poor thing has been lying too still for days.

 However, because someone I love said "leave him there he's still working."  there he rests. That sounds  just fine to me.

XOXO Olivia

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