Thursday, February 19, 2015

Have we lost control of our personal lives ?

It seems as if for some of us, our feelings of distrust is expanding to governments and the world around us. With all the latest news and said “scandals “ are our feelings now spiraling out of control ? Does the ability to collect data about everything from the brand of toilet paper we use to the personal politics we choose have the potential to be used against us ? We know that this is a possibility, yet this has now become our way of life.

One could say that we are now being consumed by our own consumption. Our information is everywhere as we Google and do other searches. Our opinions that we so willingly share are at risk of become widely read and has opened the door into our private and social lives, and it's off the hinge.

As we friend on Face-book and participate in other social medias we want to believe their promised security, often without even reading the small print. We have become addicted to feedback from one another and liking the personal touch it provides. Our tweets and twitters are read and we have the illusion that "we" are in control. Now that we have all this sharing going on we suddenly wonder what we should do when we feel like we are standing naked, without the infamous fig leaf. Many unknown peering eyes will “follow us” much like our shadow,often without the shining light.

Yet, it is best that we remain alert to our risk for over reacting to media news, and Internet chatter. We would be better avoiding the assimilation of every written word without knowing if it is even truth or the fabrication of a creative mind with a hidden agenda, thus falling victim to a mass paranoia. We are “out there” now and it may be too late to hide.

Although we think we are special and sometimes we are, other then our value as a consumer, hardly any of us will get the blink of an eye or even be of interest to anyone except for those who want us to purchase their products and services.

We are often feeling a loss of control over our own world. Our modern technology works for and against us. We can't have it both ways. So it is best that we just get over it ! In our time this includes a risk of falling victim to the manipulation of the masses. We would be wise to use more precautions and be alert to the risk of falling victim to a “turn key” society.

Is there any way to guarantee our privacy ? Probably not anymore,we are now enmeshed in a web so tight we could choke ourselves. In order to keep up with the world our technology now rules. Through the evolving crisis around privacy, and we have many, maybe something good will come out of the bad. What's next ? A computer chip in our ovens and microwaves ? Yes, that's what's cooking.

What puts us at even greater risk is that the truth does not always set you free. It binds you to its fall out forever. What sets one person free, can imprison another for a lifetime. If no one is ever held accountable for anything, then it's everyman for himself.

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