Saturday, March 14, 2015

Standing on the border


Their dripping shirts hung all askew

Breaths they catch with their rancid crew

Their blistered backs and reddened eyes

Pause to see the darkening skies

A chilling wind as they heard them say

“Don't want you here, now go away”

“A short stay please” and begging look

“I’m standing here, I’m not a crook”

No room for you the wind does say

“Can't feed our own, so go away”

“I’ll work real hard, soon you will see

I came to make my family free”

“Why did you not knock upon our doors

Instead of sneaking to our shores?”

“No patient pride do we possess

I did sneak across I do confess”

“We want to be here, please don't you see

Our crying eyes and hunger be ?”

“Life offers nothing in our homeland we

Starved and struggled to reach your land”

“But you’re not welcome here my friend

Go back to your own troubled land”

“I’m on your shore can you not see

I can't go back I am not free”

“Our borders fenced you cannot cross”

“I prayed to God with no remorse”

A pointed gun positioned high

With his last hope and tearful eyes.

“But my children live upon your land

I came back again to see”

With struggling breath and reaching hand

“Please take care of them for me.”

Olivia Bredbenner

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