Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Being ready for the unexpected

Blogger Post 7/19/2011

Being ready for the unexpected : The Egret

As an early riser I have the pleasure of seeing a beautiful sunrise over the wetlands behind my home. I never fail to appreciate this beauty of each day. My view from my sliding door and grand window offers the ever changing scenes of every season. I keep both binoculars and my camera within reach. Having lived here a

year now, I have captured PICS from every season. This has been part of my morning ritual.

We occasionally have a major problem with geese in our area, however, the Geese Patrol manages to occasionally remove the gander and then the open water reservoirs becomes calm without a ripple.

The past couple of days there has been a great white bird, I believe it is an Egret. It has been alone and gracefully meanders around and then settles in one area of our dried water basin. I have not seen another bird settle there for days. I wondered if perhaps she had a nest in the area. I began to look for this Egret every morning and she was beginning to look like elegant statuary. I often wondered if this Egret saw me every morning. My small digital camera lacks the ability to take PIC at that distance. I always hoped it might come a little closer.

Today, after taking a picture of the sunrise. My camera blinked that my battery needed to be charged. I proceeded to do that. I returned to my kitchen and looked out the door. YES, it finally happened. There in front of me, as if having answered my silent call was the beautiful white Egret on the fence just outside my terrace area. I looked at my camera charger with the barely charged battery. I decided that even if it was charged enough for one PIC I would be happy. Sometimes it's the little things.

I did get a couple of PICS that I am sharing with you. However, the Egret appears to have said her goodbyes and has left this location. I hope she returns another day. Or that she is adding some light to someone's dark day. Or perhaps even making a young child smile.

A little like life, the Egret shared her graceful beauty and allowed me to capture her PIC even with a half dead battery. She stood out there for days before gifting me with her presence close up. Sometimes its just being in the right place at the right time, and always being ready for the unexpected..


Alexandra Heep said...

This is a beautiful story beautifully told.

Diane said...

One touch from the perfection of nature is like a thousand man made wonders. Lucky you! :-)

over8ted said...

That Egret was meant for that picture, that's why she kept coming back, until you took i. Beautiful bird, wonderful pic and story. Just lovely all around.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee said...

Olivia, your photo reminds me of a similar Egret bird that landed ---right on top of my little silver-coloured 1980 Honda while it was parked at work. The bird looked to be about the same size, ,maybe a different hybrid but with yellow legs. What an amazing thing to see up close. It was only about 50 feet from where I was, standing at the window. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

M.J. Joachim said...

And that's exactly why I follow so many blogs, my friend. Genuine people share beautiful thoughts and images. Thank you, Olivia!