Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Olivia's Open Book: The Spirit of a child

Olivia's Open Book: The Spirit of a child

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Petra Newman said...

Thank you so much Olivia for posting my poem. I am truly speechless and honored. I've been so busy lately, but haven't forgotten my friends here from the castle:))))
I started to write a book called Meadow. It is fashioned after Angelique, for the main character is also quadriplegic. Anyway that's what I've been doing. I wrote two articles for that contest for the Pulitzer and writing on the book. Also the CEO of Phatitude Magazine wanted my article on Spring. I was shocked and also honored. I'm spread so thin now you can see through me. LOL Which is strange because I'm still overweight:)
I promise to pop in once in a while. I miss all of you so much. You are all like family to me.
I like your new blog and I also checked out Amanda's and Raymonds. Glory must be the master of blogs. How does she doe it. Secretly I think she is a triplet, because she is everywhere:)

Love you all and thanks again Olivia
Blessings to everyone:)
Petra xx