Friday, July 1, 2011

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

I often find myself worrying about my loved ones. I am, as others are, saddened about the state of our country, our troubled economy , and most of all about the threats to value systems we have struggled for so long.

As we watch the many changes in our society take place and see the evolving challenges ahead of us, there is only one area that provides me with the assurance that I seek. That is the faith I have in knowing there is a divine hand in play. Regardless of our faith ,or lack of it, divine interventions will take place in their own time. Reinforced by the power of our prayers the often unsubstantiated blessings will continue to happen in their own quiet ways.

After being proactive in the support of what we value, perhaps we should not be too anxious over which we have no control. Maybe, we should just believe that the other shoe will not drop.

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Glory Lennon said...

Lovely thoughts, Olivia, and I think I shall do as you say and not worry too much. Perhaps when the other shoe does drop we can hope it won't smack us on the head!