Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spotlight on Diane Quinn

" When it comes to our wonderful pets,there is no right or wrong choice and there is no political party affiliation implied. Animals can co-exist in the proper environment."

"We have a lot more to learn from our animal friends. Perhaps if we all licked each other more and barked and scratched less,we would have fewer reasons to act intolerant"

 Humor  Politics        http://www.helium.com/items/828437-humor-politics


Diane said...

Thanks, Olivia! Your video is a hoot and perfect to go with my crazy, old article. Why is it that cats and dogs do it so much better than we do?

mandy said...

Hehehehe... what a laugh. Cool video.
And Diane... your article is real cool too. I burst out laughing when I read, 'and donkeys, well, it might help if they kicked a few butts.'

However, valid points right through the entire article, Diane.

And Olivia - this is a very interesting post. Something to think about. :)