Friday, August 19, 2011

Standing at the border

Its not about politics its about people,families and most of all about the children.

Would it not be more productive to train communities to care for their own? By creating revenue producing jobs to educate illegal citizens themselves to teach the path to citizenship to other illegal citizens. With appropriate oversight and with optional  training in manual labor skills,those that complete requirements, including participation in classes in English.  They would then become citizens and be required to meet the  financial responsibility that every citizen is required to do.  Their failure to participate legally would remove any benifits from them and make them candidates for deportation.  Of course this is an oversimplification of a serious problem. The great disappointment is really related to intelligent beings failing to look out of the box.


Diane said...

Whenever sane politicians talk about a "path to citizenship," Congress refuses to act and a segment of America gasps. Yes the concept makes a lot more sense to me than building more jails that are hugely expensive. Either we offer a helping hand upfront to people who want to be productive, or we pay more on the backside. A thought provoking post, Olivia. We are of like minds on this one. :-)

Alexandra Heep said...

Of course this makes sense, but for some reason there is no place for common sense in government. Politics is never about people, it is about power. Those who have good ideas can't get far because the machine swallows them.

I have a lot of ideas to solve problems as well, I may do a blog post about that in the future.