Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spotlight On Donald Hancock

A Hug of Comfort

After a loss that was too close to home,each of us tried to provide some sort of comfort to a friend. Some words just seemed to say it all. Like those of Donald Hancock, who as a retired Chaplain has comforted hospice patients and their families for many years, and now he was comforting all of us with these words.

" I believe that each of us comes to earth with certain goals, things to learn

things to accomplish and people to help in their own life plans. In some lives it takes 80 or more years to finish this,and then we go to another phase of our existence {we graduate}to enter another high level experience. But in other lives as with your son { and Jesus in the bible} all these goals are accomplished far sooner. And we are left { again with Mary the mother of Jesus} saying in our hearts; why? Why? It is my firm belief that,though we are left in sorrow, no one dies one moment sooner or later than his plan of life has called for. And though our love pays the price of sorrow, as the old song says, we actually will understand bye and bye. Thank you for allowing me to try to give a hug of comfort."

Don Hancock

Donald has shared his thoughts about his passion to live life so that when he dies folks will say he was a gentle, loving man and he was a lot of fun too.
Donald's writing friends will tell you that he has long ago proved that so.


Diane said...

Don is one of those rare men with the sensitivity and insight to know exactly what to say and when to say it. :-)

Glory Lennon said...

Well, we can say for certain we know what God's plan is for Don, to bring comfort to those in need. Beautiful words form a lovely man.