Sunday, February 22, 2015


O.K. I hate when this happens ...because I, like many of us this this winter have been pretty much snow bound and I realized that my boredom has led to the Internet. Not just following my friends on face-book but easily being led to all the shopping opportunities.

I will admit at this time I am easily led to those things that give me immediate satisfaction. Like the purchase of a beautiful salmon colored outfit that would look great for this spring. It would be perfect  and could hang next to a grey sweater set, and blue jacket, that still have the tags on them.

 Yes, I know I am blessed please don't pass on my secret  or not so secret vice.  I almost bought new and  lighter luggage, because it was designed to be safer and in a bright color that I loved.  There was only one thing wrong, I don't need it, and have not made any travel plans.

 However, I did see the best deals on the net to go to the Islands where it's sunny and warm and would only need a sundress, sandals and a bathing suit. So, who needs luggage anyway ? It costs too much when flying anyhow, however, the great special deal I saw was because it's a "stand only" flight.  How sad is that ? 

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